Daiko manufacturer Marine Compass & Navigation equipement such as Barometer, Clino Meters, Binoculars, Table Compasses, Reflector Compasses, Life Compass & etc.

Clear View Screen

Clear View Screen
Frame Dia (mm): 349
Visual Screen Dia (mm): 300
Cut-out Dia (mm): 325
Min. Grass Thickness (mm): 5-8
Weight (kg): 7.5

Under Lighting (Binnacle Type)

Card Dia.: 4″
A: 155mm
B: 220mm
C: 207mm
Weight: 3.2Kg

Reflector Compass

Reflector Compass type SR-150PK SR-165PS is installed upon the flying bridge deck and can be seen in the wheelhouse for both standard compass and steering purposes.
The binnacle has an optical equipment by which the graduation of the card can be reflected on the lower part of the inner pipe. This avoids the bad effect due to other magnetic substances also saves the space in the steering room.
By increasing the magnification on the reflected graduation using the built-in room lens, reflector compass surpass the conventional compass.

Sun Star (Box Type)

Model: SSA2-100
Card Dia. : 4″
Box Size: 210x210x125
Weight: 2.3kg

Adjustable Table Compass

No: T-130SLK
Card Dia. (inch) : 5″
A (mm): 328
B (mm): 420
C (mm): 178
Weight (kg):6.8
Each unit is privided with standard accessories
Bottom Lighting DC24V
Wigh switch for emergency power
Adapting tempreture from -20c to 60c