Exalto B.V. is a specialist in marine wiper systems. Based on many years of experience and knowlaege in building wiper systems, Exalto offer the optimum wiper solution for almost any size or shape of Window.
Only the finess material like stainless steel and bronze are used to ensure of many years reliable.

The main advantage of Exalto wipers is the possibility of customized solutions.
Exalto offers a wide range of motors to ensure a perfect wiper system that meets your specific demands.
Pantograph arms and adjustable wipe angles give coverage to whatever window you need wiped.

H.D. Wiper Motors for Large Windows

This new model is the replacement for the 250BS. The motor is stronger and has an assembled plug. Self-parking wiper motor for bulkhead mounting. The 255BS is a powerful wiper with dual driven shafts. It can clean windows up to a height of 1600 mm. With a torque of 55 Nm, this wiper can drive arms till 1 meter in length and blades till 1.2 meters. This motor has insulated earth return as a standard. The wiping arc of this wiper motor is steplessly adjustable from 40° till 90°.

Max. arm length: 1000mm
Max. blade length: 12000mm
Insulated earth return: Yes
Wiping arcs: 40-90° stepless
Drive shaft sleeve: 20mm
Idler spindle/sleeve: 20mm
Centre distance: 60mm
Driven shafts: Dual
Type arms: P10

Model: 255BS

H.D. Wiper Motors 230-Series / Small & Medium Windows

This self-parking Exalto H.D. wiper is suitable for bulkhead mounting. This wiper is available in 12 and 24V. All moving parts are protected by an aluminium housing. With a torque of 23 Nm, this wiper can handle arms up to 750 mm in length and blades up to 700 mm. The motor has an insulated earth return as standard. The wiping arc is adjustable from 40° up to 90°, in 5° increments.

Max. arm length: 750mm
Max. blade length: 700mm
Insulated earth return: Yes
Wiping arc: 40-90°, 50° increments
I drive shaft sleeve: 20mm
I Idler spindle/sleeve: 8mm
Centre distance: 50mm
Driven shaft: Single
Type arm: PU

model: 233BD

Exalto Wiper Switches

This switch is available in three types:
A two speed switch for one H.D. wiper
A two speed switch for two H.D. wipers
A combination switch for one H.D. wiper with an adjustable intermittent speed and two continuous speeds.

Exalto CT3EX control

CT3EX is an electronic wiper control for maximum three Exalto wipers. The wipers can be switched individually or in any combination. The CT3EX provides two continuous speeds and three intermittent levels. With indicator lights for active wipers, speed settings and wipe-wash function. A dual station version is optional available.

Exalto Controls 210 Series

Electronic wiper control for two, three, four or five Exalto H.D. wiper motors. This control features:
two continuous speeds
three intermittent levels
LED indicators on the panel show the selected speed setting, and the active wipers
Wipe / wash program

Boat windscreen wiper blade

All Exalto wiper blades are manufactured of stainless steel 316. To prevent reflection, a black coating is applied on all metal parts. The Heavy Duty blades have a lower profile than the standard blades and a reduced lift. This makes them perfect for applications where a little more pressure is required. The Heavy Duty blades are also more screen friendly due to the use of plastic lower bridges. In case of damaged rubber, these plastic bridges will not damage the screen.
The Exalto H.D. blades are also available in a polished version (pos. 3). So you can choose the look that fits your vessel.

Exalto EX2178 Wiper

The best marine wiper systems…built exclusively for marine use.
Used by top boat builders like Cabo, Hattaras and Others
Exalto standard blades are all stainless steel and are also sandblasted to optimize the adhesion of low-glare black paint.

This wiper blade is compatible with the following wiper systems: EX1 and EX2
All 316 stainless steel components
Low glare black polyester epoxy coated finish over sandblasted stainless steel surface for durability
Imtra Exalto Standard Stainless Steel 25.6 Inch Marine Wiper Blade
This Imtra Exalto Standard Stainless Steel 25.6 Inch Marine Wiper Blade offers the highest precision in manufacturing tolerances
Engineered with the high safety standards brings this Wiper Blade top quality
Futuristic design and exceptional durability makes this Wiper Blade both robust and stable

Exalto 2133 Wiper

Type 1 Pantograph Marine Wiper