Klaxon Signals is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of audible and visual signalling equipment and solutions for the UK and Worldwide market place.

Motor Driven Sirens

The GP & FP series motor driven sirens are manufactured from cast aluminium and steel for use in outdoor environments. They produce a powerful universally recognised emergency notification signal. ATEX approved models are available for use in hazardous areas.

Electronic Sirens

The ES range of sirens provides electronic warning over large distances. Designed for outdoor use with a durable and rugged construction, ES Sirens are particularly suited for critical alarms such as toxic gas release, disaster and emergency warning, flood alert and COMAH alarms.

Electronic control of the siren provides advantages for the user: pre-recorded or live voice messaging; self-monitoring of equipment status; choice of speaker configuration. A full range of control equipment is available: stand alone hardwire switch control; computer system control; radio controlled link units.