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Raritan has worked for 48 years to bring quality, outstanding service and product reliability to customer.
Products under Raritan, Manu/Electrical Toilet Bowl (Marine type), Raw Water Strainer, Rudder Angle Indicators, Ice-Maker (Marine type), Water Heater, Waste Management System.

1700 Series Water Heater

World-renowned water heater specially designed for the marine environment. Provides the comfort and convenience of reliable hot water.


  • The tank is covered by a five-year Limited Warranty.
  • Ignition-protected thermostat.
  • Attractive polymer jacket resists corrosion from dampness.
  • Glass-lined steel tank is more durable than stainless steel.


  • Available in 6, 12 and 20 gallon models with or without engine heat exchangers.
  • Available for 120V AC or 240V AC.