SPEICH has been operating in the marinetime and nautical sector since 1938, when the first clear view screen was patented.

Over the year the company has specialized in production of high quality windscreen wiper systems specifically for marine enviroment, according to strict reliability and durability criteria.

Production flexibility and experience have allowed the company to specialize in producing made to measure system and their success is confirmed by the populary of Speich windscreen wipers world-wide.

Clear View Screen type EX

First produced in 1938, the SPEICH Clear View Screen is a high technology product, carefully engineered in all it’s detailed and designed according to ISO 3904. many decades of field experience and constant technical improvements have made the SPEICH Clear View Screen extremely reliable and durable even under the severe environments conditions.
Ten of thousand units have been supplied all over the world and are installed on all kind of merchant and military ships, yachts and tugboats.
Schematically, SPEICH Clear View Screen keeps a glass disk free from rain, snow or sea-water by fast rotation.
The motor is placed in the center and is fastened to the fixed glass so as to obtain the largest possible field of vision.
This particular assembly also makes the unit water and airtight, thus making it suitable for pressurised and air-conditioning bridges. The rotating glass is hardened and optically ratified to avoid any optical distortion. The electric motor is available for many tensions; the rotor is tropicalized and turns on silent ball-bearings.
All metal parts are made of brass; a specially design manifold between the ring surrounding the rotating glass and the fixed frame keeps water from entering the space between the fixed and rotating glass. This space can optionally be heated by electric resistance to avoid condensation and ice formation. Which could prevent proper operation counter-ring.

This unit is designed to be installed in a circular hole cut in a glass, wood, acrylic or metal surface (1). The hole diameter is indicated in the table below.
The unit is assemble by flange and countering (5), made airtight by neoprene gasket.
The fixed hardened glass disk supports the motor (4) which rotates the optically rectified glass disk. On request is supplied with a heating element (6) to prevent condensation and formation of ice. Metal parts are turned and can be chrome plated on request.

Type EX dimensions







Type EX technical