SPEICH has been operating in the marinetime and nautical sector since 1938, when the first clear view screen was patented.

Over the year the company has specialized in production of high quality windscreen wiper systems specifically for marine enviroment, according to strict reliability and durability criteria.

Production flexibility and experience have allowed the company to specialize in producing made to measure system and their success is confirmed by the populary of Speich windscreen wipers world-wide.

Control for One Wiper Motors

CT42 is a microcontroller based wiper control for operating two wiper motors; it provides all the functions for a proper windscreen cleaning.

Code: CT42

Technical Features

  • Voltage supply: 12Vdc or 24Vdc
  • Max current for each motors output: 4A
  • Protection 4 Amps PTC
  • Able to drive two speed motors
  • Activates and deactivates each wiper one by one
  • Synchronization in each selected mode
  • Three interval delay
  • Self parking with dynamic brake
  • Wipe and washing program
  • Dimmer input
  • Standard switch size compatible
  • Protected to Polarity inversion




Single Wiper Motor Rotary Switch

Single Wiper Motor Rotary Switch

Code: ESW

Technical features

  • For two speed motors
  • Rotary switch without dynamic parking
  • Voltage: 12 – 24V

Control Panels UCS

Code: UCS.12SH (96×96 depth 165)

The Control Panels UCS is available to drive one or two wiper motors and up to three auxiliaries devices. The electronic part is placed inside the control panel housing.
On the rear part of the panel are located the terminals for the electrical connection.
Following IEC 61554, three different panel sizes are available depending on the chosen model (See drawing below): 96 x 72 / 96 x 96 / 96 x 144, all of them with 165mm depth.

  • Suitable for windscreen wiper systems SPEICH type M, S, SF, PG
  • Able to drive the wiper motors independently or/and in group mode
  • Wiper working mode: continuous or intermittent working is synchronized for all switched on wiper motors
  • Motors overload protection
  • Custom made panel layout

Technical features

  • Voltage: 24 – 110 – 220V
  • Wiper systems type driven: One speed motor type M-S-PG
  • No. of driven wipers: 1 – 2
  • Auxiliaries:0 – 3
  • Working mode: Continuous or interval mode
  • Interval mode: Synchronized
  • Motor thermal protection: On the panel
  • Electronic: Inside panel

Available models










Code: UCS.1 (96×72 depth 165)










Code: UCS.2 (96×96 depth 165)













Code: UCS.22SH (96×144 depth 165)

Speich-UCS 22SH-Controls












Spiech-Torque 10Nm-Motor Units-AUX switch

Soft Touch Control Panel PNS

Code: PNS05
With PNS Cntrol panels it’s possible to drive from 2 to 5 wiper motors with synchronized movement.
On the panel you can find the main switch to start all the motors together; it’s then possible to change the working mode choosing between interval delay or continuous movement.
Single wipers can be switched on and off as necessary. This also a button used for the operation of the washing system.

Note: All motors movement is synchronized both in the interval and continuous working mode.

Technical features

  • Voltage: 12 – 24V
  • For single speed motors
  • Synchronized movement for motor units
  • Windscreen washer system switch
  • Can drive from 2 to 5 windscreen wiper simultaneously
  • Small size panel

PNS Switch