All Teleflex Marine Steering cables exceed ABYC safety standards and ISO/IMCI/NMMA certification requirement.

Teleflex Marine Steering cables are designed with a rotary or rack and pinion design to fit various helm space and application requirements. Both designs have a tightly controlled core to conduit fit to offer precise steering.

The outer jacket is contructed with HDPE a high density poluethylene material that is abrasion reisistant and provides a high resistance to water penetration. All cables feature output ands contructed of stainless steel material.

  1. Outboard
  2. Inboard
  3. Sterndrive
  4. Jet Boat Steering/Catamaran
  5. Dual function controls
  6. Single function controls
  7. Electronic controls
  8. Control Cables

Engine Controls Cables (International Only)

A complete range of control cables to suit all applications available in “standard”, “midrange” and “supreme” styles. Gen II type cable designed specifically to be used with Mercury 4000 series controls.


• All cables have stainless steel end terminals
• Standard cables use stainless steel Lubricore core wire for smooth operation and long life
• Midrange cables use a heavier jacket and stainless steel Lubri-core
• Supreme cables use a specially coated core wire

XTREME Control Cables

With it’s unique splined core XTREME delivers unparalleled smoothness and efficiency – with hardly any lost motion – even in the longest and most complex cable routings. This gives superior feel at the control, performance that until now was considered ‘impossible’.

Traditional cables vary by the stiffness of the core wire and how tightly it fits in the casing. Thus the classic trade-offs that have existed in control cable design: Stiffer core/tighter fit offers less lost motion, but is harder to move. With longer and more complex runs, cable movement becomes progressively more difficult.

More flexible core/looser fit has an easier feel, but allows more lost motion. This approach leads to an overall sloppy feel, RPM loss or difficult gear engagement.

These trade-offs aren’t an issue for cables with XTREME technology because they are different — really different!

SeaStar Solutions®’s unique XTREME technology incorporates a patented splined core. Ridges on the core allow a close fit with the cable’s inner liner, but with minimum contact, so the core glides back and forth smoothly like a skater on ice.

RESULT: a control cable with easy movement AND minimum lost motion.

Xtreame cable drawing
















• XTREME’s unique design incorporates a patent-pending splined core which allows easy movement and minimum lost motion
• Designed for complex and/or long cable runs (or to simply create a superior feel)
• Available in several style options avoiding the need for adaptor kits
• All XTREME cables are available in 1ft increments
• Gen II type suits Mercury 4000 series controls

Ski/Jet Boat CH2200P/2300P

For ski boat and jet boat applications, these controls feature superior styling, a compact design, positive lockout with a smooth feel, allowing for precise throttle control. Dual action design (one lever to control both shift and throttle functions). Waterproof neutral safety switch standard on jet unit (optional on ski model). Uses 33C type cables.


• Single lever, dual action for throttle and shift
• Superior neutral engine warm-up control (ski version)
• Jet version – Jet boats powered by Mercury sport Jet and OMC turbo jet
• Ski version – suits most ski boats
• Flush mount design for quick, tidy installation
• Includes hardware for two 33C type cables
• Neutral safety switches:
- Optional for ski version
- Waterproof type included with jet version

• Weatherproof exterior, rugged diecast frame
• Can be used in a dual station application with the DS unit and XTREME control cables

Please note that while the CH2200P and the CH2300P are similar in appearance, they have different neutral safety switches and internal mechanisms. They are NOT interchangeable.  Do not substitute CH2200P for CH2300P or vice-versa.

CH2600P/2700P Side Mount

Outboard Side Mount Control. This economical single lever, dual function control features positive shift detents, an optional engine trim switch in the handle and easy installation. (Mounts to gunwale surface — no hole cutout required.) It’s an excellent replacement for both outboard and stern drive controls using universal (3300/33C type) cables only.

Dual-function control — each lever controls throttle AND shift. Virtually all single-station outboards and stern drives with mechanical transmissions. Single lever, dual action design controls throttle and shift with one lever. Utilizes 3300/33C type “universal” engine control cables only. Not suitable for use with Mercury® and OMC® OEM type control cables.


• Single lever, dual action for throttle & shift.
• Surface mount design for quick, tidy installation.
• Includes neutral warm up capability.
• Includes hardware for two 3300/33 control cables.
• Positive shift detents and neutral lock- out.
• Optional engine trim switch in handle. (CH2700P)
• Optional neutral safety switch.
• Weather resistant exterior, rugged die cast frame.
• Meets/exceeds all applicable industry standards.

MT-3 Top Mount

World’s most popular classic design, dual action, top mount controls. Chrome finish, available in single or twin engine versions.


• Dual action (throttle and shift in one lever)
• Sturdy control provides one-handed positive engine control
• Neutral warm-up is done by pulling out the hand levers in the neutral position
• Built-in friction drag helps reduce slippage and throttle creep while underway
• Includes hardware for 3300/33C control cables
• Single Lever may use 4300 series control cable with hardware kit 308742
• Can be used in a dual station application with the DS unit and XTREME control cables