WIWA 300 Automatic Spray Gun

Robust automatic spray gun, quick closing by spring pressure. For even more accurate and faster closing there is the possibility of connecting a pneumatic closing device. The WIWA 300 automatic gun is equipped with a material return flow connection and can be used either with or without circulation.

WIWA 250 D

Handy Airless spray gun for fine spray painting tasks and high area output. Optimal move-ability due to the ball-bearing mounted swivel joint.

Field of Application

  • Can be used with all established Airless system.

Spraying Material

  • Suitable for all spray-able media.


Wiwa 250D technical data



WIWA 2K-Inject 14025 injection system

Highly advanced technology for injection and pressure grouting applications with acrylate gels.

With the newly developed 2K-Inject 14025 WIWA not only demonstrates its capability in injection and pressure grouting technology, but with the highly developed equipment technology also professional competence and environmental consciousness.

Field of Application

  • Sealing of cellars against backwater and leakage water, building sanitation, pressure ghrouting of cracks, area sealing of earth contacting building elements, e.g. in tunnels, in building pits or channels, horizontal waterproofing against rising moisture as well as waterproofing of buildings.

Sprayed Material

  • Acrylate gels

WIWA 2K-INJECT 14025 Data










The new dimension for injection and pressure grouting tasks.
The injection units HD 1 are particularly suitable for the injection and pressure grouting of low viscosity epoxy or polyurethane resins and meet the requirements of the Supplementary Technical Conditions for Cracks.

Field of Application

  • Ideal for work on scaffolds, in shaft or tunnel, sealing of floor slabs or damp walls, building sanitation, pressure grouting of cracks, area and blooming injection, horizontal waterproofing, waterproofing of buildings.

Spraying Material

  • Particularly suitable for the injection and pressure grouting of low viscosity epoxy or polyurethane resins



WIWA paint spraying equipment for indistry and craft trade with excellent value for money

PHOENIX – the new powerful multi-purpose equipment for wood varnishing and metal painting as well as other types of coating in industry and craft trade.

Most suitable for the timber and metal processing industry as well as painters, spray painting shops and craft trade operations. Due to the difference in performance data and the vast variety of equipment possibilities it is suitable for large and small areas as well as elements with corners and angles and components of any other shape. The new WIWA PHOENIX is a versatile and high quality pump range to suit almost all possible applications. The new WIWA generation for various spray painting and coating tasks:


Robust Airless spray painting equipment for efficient spray painting.


For finest spray painting results using the environmentally friendly Air Combi spray painting method.


Hot spraying equipment for shortest drying times and highest surface quality.

Field of Application

  • Joineries
  • Furniture industry
  • Painters and paint shops
  • Mechanical engineering and vehicle construction
  • Structural engineering and hall construction
  • Steel processing industry
  • Automatic and manual spray painting systems
  • Marine coatings (inside coatings)
  • Wagon factory
  • Transfer pump

Spraying Material

  • Primer
  • Sprayable filler
  • Sprayable lacquers and paints
  • Plural component and tar-epoxy paints
    (highly viscous and coarsely pigmented)
  • Structural lacquer
  • Hammer scale lacquer
  • Cold galvanizing paints
  • Rust protection and micaceous iron oxide paints
  • Low solvent and solvent-free paints
  • Scouring agents
  • Water varnishes
  • Transparent lacquers
  • Thick-film varnishes


WIWA Phoenix data


The new PROFIT range is ideally suited for crafts trade and industry.

WIWA PROFIT, compact, powerful and economical WIWA Airless paint spraying equipment and Air-Combi spray painting systems.

PROFIT – mobile paint spraying equipment for flexible use. The right technology for any application. PROFIT units with paint supply containers are ideal for repairs and touch-up work with only moderate consumption of material. A closed flushing agent chamber separates air motor and fluid pump. The flushing material prevents encrustations of paint on the piston rod and with its lubricating effect protects the seals. Double-action pump with fixed, spring loaded seals. Exceptionally long lifetime due to the hard chromated double piston, hard metal valve plates and stainless steel valve balls. Double filter system (suction and high pressure filter) for trouble free operation.


Robust Airless spraying unit for economical spray painting


For highly accurate spray painting with the environmentally friendly Air-Combi spray painting method

Air Combi
Hot spraying

Field of Application

  • Joineries
  • Furniture industry
  • Painters and spray painting shops
  • Mechanical engineering and vehicle construction

Spraying Material

  • Thick-film varnishes
  • Primers
  • Spray fillers
  • Sprayable lacquers and paints
  • Plural component material
  • Structural lacquer
  • Hammer scale lacquer
  • Water diluted media
  • Water varnishes

We will be glad to advise you about the right system from our wide PROFIT range for your material and your application.

WIWA Profit Data